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Basic Text

Putting Text on Your Page

Okay I've showed you the basic page structure and how to put an Image on your page.

Now let's look at text manipulation

After the "Body" tag is where you put your text. If you just type in text after the body tag the browser renders it in your default settings.

Here is what text looks like in your default settings.

This paragraph uses the <p> tag (paragraph) does this differ from the first line? The only difference is that it places a line of white space between itself and the line before the <p> tag. Until you close the </p> tag the browser keeps the text together.

You can specify the font size for your text using the <font> tag. Here are various "Font" tag and their effect. Keep in mind that the +1 is against the default size that your browser uses. Each browser is different and can be changed by you the user. You can specify the text size, font used and even the colors on the page.

  • Normal text on this page
  • <font size="+1"> Here is text at +1</font>
  • <font size="+2">Here is text at +2</font>
  • <font size="-1"> Here is text at -1</font>
  • <font size="-2"> Here is text at -2</font>

What about text colors? I have been using Red text for tag names. Here is how to do colors.

  • <font color="#ff0000"> Here is Red text </font>
  • <font color="#ffff55"> Here is Yellow text </font>
  • <font color="#0000ff"> Here is Blue text </font>
  • <font color="green"> Here is green text </font>
  • <font color="red"> Here is Red text </font>

Notice that I used some numbers and letters preceded by a #...that is a hex code for the color. You can also use basic colors that the browser recognizes. Most browsers recognize; Blue, white black, red, green and yellow. If you want to use the hex codes then you need a way to find the appropriate codes for the colors you want to use. The Color Wheel will give you a good start on finding the colors you want. You can obtain the script through the link on the Color Wheel page.

I also use two programs to obtain the correct colors. One is called EyeDropper and it will show you the hex code for any color displayed on your screen, So if you like a color you see, just activate the Eyedropper place your cursor over the color you want the code for and see the code. The other program is the Color Picker 2 by Joe'Software at This program gives you the option of entering a hex code and seeing the color or choosing a color and getting the hex code. Both these programs are freeware.

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