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Okay here is how this works. You input the values of the table you want to build and click on draw this table. The frame on the right will show you how it looks. Try out the various settings to see what you get. The alignment of the text in the cells will not show until you put something other than the single number used show which table it is. The border width and pixels will be readily apparent to you as you change them.

Left Center Right
Border Width (in Pixels):
0 1 2 5 10 15
Cellpadding: Cellspacing:
Left Center Right
Top Center Bottom
The following features correspond to bottom frame:

When you are done making table codes just click the "Close" button below!

If there is no "Close" button above just close this window to return to the Basic Tables page. (Netscape doesn't display the button, I'll figure it out eventuially...LOL)

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Home | HTML Stuff | Basic Tables

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