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The Olive Garden 1135 Naperville, IL

Hi! This is Bruce - Your Bartender

This web site is dedicated to the employees past and present of the Olive Garden in Naperville, Illinios. If you are one of us welcome. I am collecting, pictures, email addresses, stories and general information. If there is someone you want to catch up on and I can help let me know.

August 22, 2001 - I have just started this page and am looking for help from all of you. Please send me stuff to post, ideas, pictures, what ever.


I am collecting pictures of people either currently working at the OG or from the past. If you are a future employee let me know...I would also like any pictures from Xmas parties, outings and those special after work parties.

For pictures Go Here

My OG Friends Pages

Here are some of my OG friends web sites. Please view them at your own risk...LOL...

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