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HTML Stuff

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It tells your web browser (Internet Explore, Netscape Navigator, Opera etc) how to render (show) the information on a given web page. The important part of making a web page is to first decide on your content and how you want it to appear over the internet. Once you have done that then you can apply HTML to give your page the look you want. To make a web page you need a basic text editor such as "Notepad" which come with Windows or you can use an Html Editor. Which ever you choose to use you need to open it to a blank document.

A basic page consists of:

<title>(Type a title for your page here)</title>

So what does all that mean?

Let's look at it line by line

<html> This line tells the browser that a HTML document is to be parsed and that this is the begining of the document.

<head> This indicates that this is the begining of the "head" section.
<title> The title of the page goes after this Tag and is shown in the Title Bar of the WIndow.
</title> This is the closing Tag for title
</head> This indicates the end or closing of the "Head" Tag.
<body> This is the beginging of the "Body". All of the content of your page follows this tag.
</body> This is the closing Tag for the content of your page.
</html> This is the closing Tag indicating the end of the page.

So to make a page just copy the tags above and add content after the <body> tag. Lets try it.. I like to use Notepad which comes with Windows and is a basic text editing program. If you copy the code below you will have a page that says :Hello World! The usual first web page is one that says "Hello World!"

<title> Hello World</title>
<body>Hello World! 

click here to display the basic page.

Take a look at the source code. From the menu of your browser select the "view" and then "source" to display the source code.

Just put in your content and go

Okay it's not exactly that easy as you probably want to format the text, have headings, images and other good stuff. That's why I have the following links. I will develope some additional HTML content soon and some tips.

Click for Next tutorial.

Click for Color Wheel This page shows you right away the HexDecimal code for your colors. It makes choosing colors quick and easy!

My Favorite HTML Links

Here are some of my favorite links that deal with HTML and webpages. Keep in mind the words of The Lockergnome, Chris Pirillo, "Your Mileage May Vary". Which means that what works for me may not work for you and when you leave this site I am not responsible for the content of other peoples pages.

This is a short list of HTML Links. As an Open Directory Editor I of course am sending you to the appropriate ODP categories as they should have a better list of links and reviews than I have time for right now. These are the best references and the ones I use.

HTML Tutorials, TIps and Stuff

HTML Editors (Software)

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