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Bio Continued

Right after my third brother was born the family moved to Akron, OH. Then we bought a house in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio a suburb of Akron. I remember moving to the new house...because we went out to eat lunch at the local drive-in..."The Oakwood Drive-In".

I spent the next 16 year in Cuyahoga Falls. Here is a picture of my Click here for Photo First Grade Class.

While growing up in Cuyahoga Falls I have memories of marching in (and watching) the Memorial Day Parade every year. Part of every summer was going to watch the Soap Box Derby at Derby Downs. The grandstands overlook the Akron Municipal Airport and the Goodyear blimp hanger. Then there was the yearly trip to Cedar Point.

I spent all l twelve years of school in the Cuyahoga Falls School System and graduated in 1967 from Cuyahoga Falls HS. After graduation from CFHS I attended Alma college. The late 60's were turbulent times and after several years I left Alma and joined the USAF.

I spent from January 12, 1970 to April 26, 1970 at Lackland AFB attending basic training and waiting for orders. I was sent to the DLIWC at the Presido of Monterey in April 1970 to study Korean. Loved Monterey and the Monterey Pensula, San Fransisco, Big Sur and the coast in general. I didn't like Korean as much and never finished the class. The Fairy Godmother department in the Air Force punished me for failing at Korean and sent me to Myrtle Beach AFB in Myrtle Beach, SC. There I was assigned as clerk typist to the Material Officer of the 356TFS. The A7D was a new plain just becoming Operational in the Air Force. After one year in Myrtle Beach I was sent to Istanbul, Turkey as a mail clerk in TUSLOG Det 48-4. I moved the mail....after 16 months in Turkey exit the Air Force.

Jump ahead...I spent many years running restaurants as a multi unit supervisor...and now....who knows...along the way I finished my degree at Indiana University Fort Wayne campus (BA Accounting 1978). I have lived in Michigan, West Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and of course courtesy of the USAF; Texas, California, South Carolina and Istanbul, Turkey.

Now here I am in Lisle, IL...LOL

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